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What is the way to increase the strength of impact-resistant plastic hollow balls?


  Because of the hollow structure, plastic hollow […]


Because of the hollow structure, plastic hollow spheres sometimes need to withstand certain pressure and impact. The traditional manufacturing method of plastic hollow spheres is made by blow molding process. The biggest disadvantage of plastic hollow spheres manufactured by blow molding process is that the wall thickness is too thin to bear Too much pressure and impact.

The impact-resistant Environmental Protection Hollow Ball is manufactured by using mold hot pressing technology. The plastic hollow ball manufactured by this process can be manufactured from a variety of plastic materials. The density and thickness of the hollow plastic ball can also be adjusted according to requirements. Hollow plastic balls are manufactured using compression molding technology. Generally speaking, the manufacturing cost will be higher than the blow molding process, because the process is more complicated than the blow molding process, and the efficiency is lower than that of the blow molding process. Generally speaking, by adding plastic The wall thickness of the hollow ball improves the impact strength and compressive strength of the hollow plastic ball.