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What two types of manufacturing processes can steel balls be divided into


1. Forged steel ball: Good surface quality, good impact […]

1. Forged steel ball:
Good surface quality, good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance, not easy to break and out of round. It is a processing method Stainless Steel Ball that heats the metal to a temperature of 700-1300 ° C, and uses a forging machine to apply pressure to the metal blank to produce plastic deformation to obtain a forging with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size. One of the two major components of forging (forging and stamping). Through forging, defects such as as-cast looseness produced by the metal during the smelting process can be eliminated, and the microstructure can be optimized. At the same time, due to the preservation of the complete metal streamline, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than those of castings of the same material. For important parts with high load and severe working conditions in related machinery, forgings are mostly used in addition to rolling plates, profiles or welded parts with simple shapes. In addition, the wear-resistant forged steel ball must be made of the most wear-resistant materials, such as the national standard 60Mn, 65Mn, or the high-efficiency wear-resistant alloy steel materials independently developed by some companies, and it is recommended to use the steel produced by the national super-large steel factory. It is a kind of material, and the quality produced in different steel plants is also different, and the quality of forgings depends on the quality of the material 80%, such as high manganese steel, good impact resistance, strong toughness, wear resistance Good sex, not easy to break. Forged steel balls are favored by the majority of users because of their low price, economical and durable characteristics, such as international mining giants Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Anglo Gold, etc. all use forged steel balls.


Bronze Balls Bearings For Hardware Industry

Bronze Balls Bearings For Hardware Industry



2. Cast steel ball:Medium and low chromium cast balls have poor wear resistance and high crushing rate. Although they are cheap, their comprehensive cost performance is not high, so they are not recommended here. High-calcium cast ball has excellent hardness and is a high-quality wear-resistant material. It has been widely used in dry ball mills in the cement industry, but high-chromium cast balls have poor toughness and are prone to breakage in ball mills with a diameter greater than 3 meters. Prices are higher.

Influence of cast steel ball material: Generally speaking, the greater the hardness of the steel ball, the greater the wear resistance. To improve the wear resistance of the steel ball, it is necessary to increase its hardness, but as the hardness increases, the impact toughness of the steel ball will decrease. At the same time, the hardness of the steel ball should also take into account the material and hardness of the lining plate, and should not be too high. (smashing the lining), and it should not be too low (not wear-resistant). Therefore, how to take into account the appropriate hardness of the steel ball and good impact toughness is the key to improving the wear resistance of the steel ball.