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What’s plastic polyhedral hollow ball and its advantage


Plastic polyhedral PP Hollow Ball is one of the most co […]

Plastic polyhedral PP Hollow Ball is one of the most common chemical tower packing.Its main material is PP polypropylene which can resist 100℃ at most.It is widely used for water treatment and exhaust treatment in drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, regeneration tower and aeration tank.


The normal material of plastic polyhedral hollow ball is PP, PE, PVC,CPVC. We can also produce other materail balls based on the special requirement of the customer. About the size and weight, there are also different types. Both size and weight of the polyhedral hollow ball could be customized.



The characteristic and advantage
1.The polyhedral hollow ball has 8 to 12 pieces at two parts of the ball. This structure can increase the surface area and get complete contact between the polyhedral hollow ball and the circulating medium. On the other hand, because of the radial scattered emission distribution, the medium is easier to circulate. It can also ensure the uniform distribution of the circulating medium and the contact force of each piece. All of these can successfully realize the maximum adsorption,efficient removal of impurity and increase the separation ability of the mass transfer.


2.On the plastic polyhedral hollow ball,the ball flap set on the upper surface are radially staggered with the lower surface. They are not symmetrical. This structure can ensure that the flowing medium in packing tower are separated by the ball flap which can create a impact and strong contact to increase the absorption capability.


3.On the surface of the ball flap,there are some raised burr which can increase the surface area of the polyhedral hollow ball and increase the circulation contact.It is good to improve the ability of removing impurity and separation of mass transfer.


4.The burr of the ball flap is normally pyramid type or hemispherical shape. It can further increase the contact surface between polyhedral hollow ball and circulating medium.