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Where are the valve ball mainly used?


The nominal diameter of the valve matching valve is dif […]

The nominal diameter of the valve matching valve is different, the working environment of the valve matching valve is different, and the materials used for the valve ball are also different, but the production process is similar.


Vinyl Ball (Valve Ball)


The valve seat sealing ring of the valve ball is generally made of plastic, so in the selection of the structure and performance of the ball valve, the fire resistance of the ball valve must be considered, and the ball valve is used in the equipment and piping system of flammable and explosive media. Pay more attention to fire prevention.


The valve ball is suitable for low-pressure cut-off, light-weight structure, corrosive medium piping system. Valve ball can also be used in cryogenic devices and piping systems. In the oxygen pipeline system in the metallurgical industry, the valve sphere needs to undergo strict degreasing treatment when it is used.


When the main pipeline in the oil pipeline and gas pipeline needs to be buried underground, a full-diameter welded valve sphere shall be used. When the adjustment performance is required, the valve sphere with a special structure with a V-shaped opening needs to be selected.