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Which stainless steel ball is the best material


A lot of customers often say, give me the best material […]

A lot of customers often say, give me the best material of the stainless steel ball, we usually ask him for use, because stainless steel beads have nothing better than the best, suitable for their own is the best, explain why

Because there are two types of stainless steel ball materials, one is austenitic steel, this material is non-magnetic, such as 201, 202, 302, 304, 304HC, 304L, 316, 316L, if only this type of material compared If the material is better, the 316L is the best, because the nickel and chromium content is different, and the 316 and 316L also contain molybdenum. The better the material of the austenitic steel ball, the corrosion protection. The better the corrosion resistance, the stronger the oxidation resistance, and the higher the high temperature resistance. These materials are usually non-magnetic.

The other type is martensitic steel. The steel balls such as 420 (2CR13, 3CR13), 440 (9CR18) and 440C (9CR18MO) are characterized by high hardness, high precision, and can be attracted by magnets. Strong, the hardness after quenching is much higher than that of austenitic steel. It is commonly used in valves, bearings, precision machinery and other products that require high precision and hardness.

Therefore, everyone should be able to understand, directly comparing 316L and 440C steel balls is not comparable, because 316 steel balls are strong in rust and corrosion resistance, but the hardness and precision are not high, 440C steel balls are just the opposite: hardness and precision are high, But the rust and corrosion resistance is not as good as 316L.