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Why are the hardness of steel balls different? Steel balls have different hardness


The hardness of the steel ball is determined by the ste […]

The hardness of the steel ball is determined by the steel balls made of different materials. Common steel balls include stainless steel balls, bearing steel balls, carbon steel balls, and hard alloy steel balls. What are the factors that cause steel balls of different materials to have different hardness?

The hardness of the steel ball is directly affected by the heat treatment process, that is, quenching and tempering. In the heat treatment process, the bearing steel ball undergoes quenching and tempering, and its internal metallographic structure changes, resulting in Stainless Steel Ball a change in hardness. However, the stainless steel ball cannot be heat-treated. Because stainless steel is austenitic steel, the heat-treatment process cannot be performed due to its own conditions.

Why are the hardness of the steel balls different? Due to the effect of heat treatment, the hardness of the bearing steel balls can reach HRC55—HRC62. The hardness of stainless steel balls that cannot be heat-treated is HRC28-HRC35. Steel balls of different hardness have different application ranges. When buying steel balls, you can choose to use different materials of steel balls according to your own use environment.