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Why high chromium steel balls are widely used


High chromium cast ball has excellent hardness and is a […]

High chromium cast ball has excellent hardness and is an excellent wear-resistant material. Steel balls for handicrafts have been widely used in dry ball mills in the cement industry. However, high chromium cast balls have poor resistance and are simple in ball mills with a diameter of more than 3 meters. Fragmentation occurred, and the quotation was higher.

The commonly used materials for steel balls are: low carbon alloy, high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, high carbon and high manganese alloy steel.

High manganese steel has good resistance, good skills, and low quotation. Stainless Steel Ball The main feature of steel balls used in the hardware industry is that under the action of greater impact or contact stress, the outer surface layer will be sensitive to work hardening, and its work hardening index is higher than other materials. 5-7 times, abrasion resistance has been greatly improved;

High chromium cast iron is a kind of wear-resistant material used for steel balls for plastic products with excellent abrasion resistance, but it has low resistance, is prone to brittle fracture and is expensive.

The high carbon and high manganese alloy steel produced by the steel ball manufacturer is mainly alloy structural steel containing chromium, molybdenum and other elements. It has high hardness and good resistance. Its matrix is ​​martensite, bainite or bainite + martensite. complex. The hardness of the steel ball is dominated by HRC60, and the impact resistance is ≥15J/CM2. Under the equivalent working conditions, its service life is at least twice as long as that of the high manganese steel ball.

But the quenching and tempering heat treatment of the steel ball is the key. After the quenching and tempering heat treatment, not only the overall resistance is required to reach 12 joules/CM2, but also considerable plasticity and wear resistance. However, the general casting skills can only reach 3-5 joules, resulting in breakage. The rate is higher, even for high chromium cast balls, so when the working conditions are strong, the use of forgings is recommended. The manufacturing skills of steel balls are also a key factor in determining their service life. If there are defects in the external or internal manufacturing of the steel ball, such as shrinkage cavity, cracks, crystal penetration, etc., it will not only reduce the function of the steel ball, but even cause the steel ball to break. Therefore, it is necessary to develop reasonable casting, casting and heat treatment skills in the production of steel balls.

To sum up, the functional raw materials of high chromium steel balls have a great connection with construction skills. When choosing steel balls, the company also needs to choose according to the working conditions of its own company. The right one is good.